P & R Areas - Roadside Management Office

Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management (IRVM) is a long term approach to evaluating, developing, improving and maintaining vegetation on road rights of ways. The ultimate purpose of any Roadside Vegetation Management program is to provide a safe and healthy roadway, and to improve aesthetics along the county's secondary road system. IRVM is a program for accomplishing these objectives in the most economically and environmentally responsible manner possible. It is based on two principles:

-Refining the use of herbicides, so that the chemicals we use have the greatest effect on the target species and the least effect on desirable vegetation and ground water.
-Preventing weeds through species competition by planting the species best suited to each site.

The IRVM program is based on the belief that every county's approximately 4,000 acres of rights-of-way represent a significant resource worth managing by the most sustainable methods possible to the greatest benefit to the county.


Provide the public a safe travel environment
Comply with Iowa noxious weed law
Improve public relations and educate landowners
Apply botanical, chemical and mechanical knowledge and technology to maintenance and beautification of county roads
Reduce the amount of chemicals used
Reduce roadside maintenance costs
Prevent weeds by planting the best species in each situation using primarily native species
Control brush
Improve groundwater quality
Reduce erosion
Enhance wildlife habitat